Dual Credit Information

Instructions for Clarendon College online application and registration paperwork:

  1. Go online to www.clarendoncollege.edu
  2. Click on the Apply Tab bar at bottom of Home Screen
  3. Click on Dual Credit link on RIGHT SIDE of Application Screen
  4. The instructions below are listed on the next screen...You must click on the online application link (call Mrs. Piper 937.6131 ext. 4040 with questions), but you will submit your DC registration form to Mrs. Piper and then CHS will submit your transcript, your transcript, and your DC/Early Admissions Approval form. TSI scores will be confirmed by CC or submitted by Mrs. Piper. IF you need to take a TSI test, you may do this at the CC Childress Learning Center anytime before August 27th. Call 940.937.2001 to set up an appointment to test.

 DUAL CREDIT INFORMATION for Childress High School

Childress High School offers DUAL CREDIT classes in which a student will receive college credit from Clarendon College and high school credit from CHS. The table below shows the classes available from Clarendon College, their high school equivalent, the number of credit hours and the approximate cost to students (HOWEVER there may be additional costs for some courses).

CLARENDON COLLEGE COURSECHILDRESS HIGH SCHOOL COURSE (equivalent)Number of credit hrs. + total class cost @ $67/credit hr.
HIST 1301 & 1302 - US Hist I & II US History DC (11th grade)semester 1 & 2*Mashburn Education Fund
ENGL 1301 & 1302 - English Composition I & IIEnglish IV DC (12th grade) semester 1 & 2*Mashburn Education Fund
GOVT 2305 - Federal GovtGovernment DC (12th grd) 1st sem*Mashburn Education Fund
ECON 2301 - Principles of MacroeconomicsEconomics DC (12th grade, 2nd semester)3 cr. hr. @ $67 = $201
MATH 1314 - College Algebra College Algebra DC (11th-12th, 1st semester)3 cr. hr. @ $67 = $201
MATH 1316 - Plane TrigonometryCollege Trig DC (11th-12th,2nd semester)3 cr. hr. @ $67 = $201
MATH 1342 - Elem Statistical Methods College Statistics DC (11-12,2nd semester)3 cr. hr. @ $67 = $201
MATH 2413 - CalculusCalculus DC (12th grd, 1st sem)4 cr. hr. @ $67 = $268
BIOL 2401 - Anatomy & Physiology I and IIAnatomy & Physiology DC (A&P I 1st, A&P II 2nd sem)8 cr. hr. (4 per semester)@$127/cr. Hr. = $508
SPAN 1411 & 1412Beginning SpanishSpanish III DC (1st semester)4 cr. hr. @ $67 = $268
PSYC 2301 - General Psychology Psychology DC (1st semester)3 cr. hr. @ $67 = $201
SPCH 1315 or 1318 Public Spk. or Interpersonal Commoffered in **DE LAB for College Credit only3 cr. hr. @ $67 = $201
Other electives by permissionoffered in **DE LAB for College Credit only3 hr = $2014 hr = $268
*Mashburn Educational Fund covers tuition cost of these course if student is TSI compliant, is on Foundation HSP earning @ least one endorsement, has a cumulative GPA of 85 or above.

If student withdraws or fails course with a D or lower, the Foundation will not fund any additional classes for that student.

**DE (Dual Enrollment) Lab is a computer class time that is provided to student during their school day so that they might complete a Clarendon College elective course for COLLEGE CREDIT ONLY! No high school credit will be awarded for this course.

Other relevant Dual Credit information…


These documents/tasks must be completed to be admitted to Clarendon College for Dual Credit.

  • ONLINE application (see Mrs. Piper for instructions)
  • Most current high school transcript
  • Permission form
  • Registration form for the current semester
  • TSI or EOC compliant (see table below for admissible scores)

TSI CompliantEOC Exemptions only for Clarendon College:
READING = must score 351 on TSIREADING & WRITING = 4000+ on Eng 2 EOC
WRITING = must score --- w/written of 4MATH = 4000+ on Alg I EOC & 70+ GPA in Alg. 2
MATH = must score 350 on TSI


  • Dependent upon Clarendon College Board approval each year, any student who is coded Economically Disadvantaged (receives Free or Reduced Lunch prices), may have their tuition waived for all courses.
  • Payment must be made through the Clarendon College Student Portal after students have all forms submitted (see list below), are registered for classes, and have been issued student LOGIN information.
  • The FINAL due date for submission of payment or a payment plan is usually within the second full week of Clarendon College classes

(Clarendon College calendar). A payment plan is a way to make full tuition payment in three payments - half down and then two more payments of the other half of the payment (+$30 processing fee)

EX: $200 + $30 = $230 would be $115 down and then 2 more payments of $57.50) *Communicate with Clarendon College about when these credits will be applied to student accounts, as all payments must be made to Clarendon College directly.

  • Textbooks for Clarendon College courses have always been provided by CISD. Clarendon is transitioning in 2019-2020 to free online textbooks through Barnes and Noble Loud Cloud. CC Instructors will inform their classes about these textbooks and how to login.
  • Childress High School will continue to provide computer access during the school day for DC students who need to utilize a computer for their coursework.


  • The Texas Common Course Numbering System website can help you check if the Dual Credit courses offered by Clarendon will transfer to the college/university you plan to attend. See web address below:


  • Used in conjunction with the website above, a look at a sample degree plan for the college/university you plan to attend can help you decide if the courses available to you would be a good investment of time and money for your future.