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Mapping your future

Helpful site for career exploration, college and financial aid.

Adventures in education

Want to get your college answers online? You'll find a great resource in TG's Adventure in Education (AIE) website. This site helps you plan and apply for college, understand financial aid, learn how to manage money while in school, and prepare for your career.

Budgeting for online college

Colleges in Texas

Compare colleges in Texas

NCAA Eligibility Center for Student Athletes

Texas College Application Site

APPLY TEXAS is the site where you will fill out the general application for Texas Colleges and Universities. REMEMBER your USERNAME and PASSWORD!! Be sure to record your information so that you can get to it. Leave it on the document in Mrs. Piper's office if you need a backup storage!!

College for all Texans

Every Chance Every Texan

Site maintained by the State of Texas Comptroller's Office. The site contains a wealth of information related to higher education, jobs, tuition savings plans, information on Texas colleges, and much more.

Federal Student Aid

Federal Student Aid Help

Federal Aid for Online Classes

FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

You MUST fill out this application in the second semester of your Senior year. This application determines your eligibility for nearly all forms of aid to pay for higher education at the institution of your choice - including grants, loans, and work-study. Some colleges even use the application to determine eligibility for certain scholarships.

Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Compendium of Texas Colleges

The Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Compendium of Texas Colleges and Financial Aid calendar is information furnished to the EveryChanceEveryTexas website about admission requirements for Texas colleges and universities, scholarships, and financial aid.

Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid

Texas Financial Aid Info

Helpful source for Financial Aid and College applications.

TG - Texas Financial Aid Information Center (TFAIC)

The Texas Financial Aid Information Center (TFAIC) is free and available to all Texas students and families. TFAIC representatives can help you with admission and financial aid applications, direct you to resources on planning and paying for college, and explain federal and Texas-based financial aid programs and services. Help is available in Spanish and English

HOURS: Monday-Thursday 8am - 6pm (CST) Friday 8-5 (CST)

13 Reasons Why Toolkit

Great website with tools on how to address questions raised by the Netflix Series

"13 Reasons Why". Links provide information for use by teens, parents, educators, clinicians, and others on how to deal with issues like suicide, sexual assault, bullying, social media awareness, etc.

Safe and Effective Schools - Suicide Prevention

Informative website with crisis numbers, website links and helpful information for parents, friends, or anyone who wants to know how to help someone considering suicide.

State Map of Service Areas for Mental Health

State map with live links that provide contact numbers for service centers that can provide mental health and wellness services.


This is a group of scholarships available for students in the top 26 counties of the Panhandle. It is a general application which must be submitted and then the scholarships for which you'd like to submit your application are selected. There are some pieces of information which must be submitted separately from your application and the CHS Office can upload those items if needed. GET YOUR APPLICATIONS IN NOW!!!

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America scholarships

If you are involved in FCCLA, please go to this page and see the scholarship opportunities in TEXAS that are available to you. Click on Youth Leaders pulldown at the top of the page and then click on Youth Scholarship Applications in the red bar.

FFA Scholarship opportunities

FFA Scholarship page to link to scholarships available for Texas, nationally, both general and specific. If you are involved in FFA, these scholarships may be for you!!

National FCCLA Scholarship opportunities

These are scholarship opportunities nationwide that are available to students who have been in FCCLA organization.


Helpful links for scholarships...general and category based.

Texas Financial Aid Information Center

Toll Free number to help answer questions dealing with Financial Aid and completing the FAFSA: