Childress ISD ESSER Use of Funds Plan

Childress ISD plans to use ESSER funds in the following ways:

  • Offer opportunities to reverse learning loss through an after school tutoring program, summer school learning opportunities, and the implementation of a high quality assessment system to monitor student progress. 

  • Electronic devices, interactive whiteboards and programs to help ensure students are more actively involved in the learning opportunities prepared on a daily basis and close the gaps that occurred due to the pandemic.

  • Perform a comprehensive analysis of the current HVAC systems and move forward with upgrading of HVAC systems that are determined to have poor air quality.

  • Replacement of HVAC systems that have been determined to be beyond repair to meet air quality standards.

  • Allow for greater social distancing and improved air quality on school buses.

  • Provide a COVID Retention stipend for teachers and staff.